MoFi Electronics StudioDAC Digital-to-Analog Converter


Designed in collaboration with Mytek Audio engineer Michal Jurewicz, made in the USA, and voiced by MoFi Electronics. The StudioDAC supports DSD, DXD, and full MQA decoding + rendering. StudioDAC leans on a low-noise clock generator and Apodizing Filter to recreate music with remarkable openess and purity. Partner with a streamer or computer via USB 2.0, S/PDIF, or Toslink and see the signals incoming format and resolution with the LED indicators to confirm bit-perfect playback. 

The Essence of High-Fidelity Audio

The StudioDAC is the embodiment of meticulous craftsmanship and uncompromised audio quality. With its multiple input options including USB 2.0, S/PDIF, and Toslink, the StudioDAC seamlessly integrates with various audio sources. The full MQA decoding and rendering capability ensures an authentic listening experience, especially for MQA-encoded tracks.

Advanced Technology for Pure Sound

At the heart of the StudioDAC is a low-noise precision clock generator, minimizing jitter to deliver an unadulterated audio experience. The inclusion of an Apodizing Filter eradicates sharp-edged high frequencies and pre-ringing artifacts, producing a natural sound that closely mirrors the original analog signal. LED indicators provide intuitive feedback on the audio format and resolution, ensuring bit-perfect playback. Additionally, an outboard power supply is included, enhancing low-noise playback and offering opportunities for future upgrades.



Digital Inputs:
1x Coax (S/PDIF), 1x Optical (TOSlink), USB B

D/A Converter:

Sampling Rates:
32/44.1/48/88.2/96/176.2/192/352.8/384 kHz

DSD Support (USB):
DSD64, DSD128

MQA Support:
Full MQA decode + render by hardware

Bit Depth (USB):
16-32 bits

Bit Depth (COAX, Toslink):
16-24 bits

Frequency Response:
20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.2db

Analog Out:
1x Fixed Level Out (RCA)

Output Voltage:
2.5 VRMS @ 0dbfs

<0.002% 20-20Khz

Dynamic Range:
115dB (A-weighted)

>114dB (A-weighted)

Crosstalk @ 10KHZ:

Output Impedance:
75 Ohms (unbalanced)

<+/-0.25db @ -110db

Power Supply (external 100-240VAC):
+12 Vdc 3.3 Amp center positive

Output Connector (external 100-240VAC):
5.5/2.5mm barrel connector


• DSD, DXD, and 32-bit/384 PCM playback

• Custom Designed and Manufactured in the USA

• USB2.0, S/PDIF, and Toslink, inputs

• MQA Decoder

• Outboard power supply