MoFi Electronics SourcePoint 888 Floorstanding Speakers [Pair]




The SourcePoint 888 emerges as a sonic masterpiece, meticulously engineered from the ground up to redefine the essence of high-fidelity audio. Our no-compromise approach in its design ensures that every nuance and detail of the music is faithfully reproduced, delivering unparalleled sound quality and value.

"My goal for the SourcePoint 888 is to enhance the technology and sound quality of the SourcePoint 8 and elevate it to an even higher performance level."

- Andrew Jones, Chief Loudspeaker Designer

Harmonious Integration for Pure Sound.

Developed through extensive research and development, the SourcePoint 888 introduces a revolutionary 3-way design incorporating two newly developed 8-inch woofers alongside the refined concentric driver configuration. This synergy creates a seamless, powerful soundstage, with exceptional bass extension and dynamic range. The design philosophy ensures a cohesive sound profile, where bass, midrange, and treble frequencies are in perfect harmony, delivering sound that is both pure and impactful.

Craftsmanship Meets Elegance in Cabinet Design.

Embodying high-quality cabinet construction, the SourcePoint 888's architecture is as robust as it is aesthetically pleasing. Utilizing thick MDF panels and sophisticated internal bracing, each speaker stands as a testament to our commitment to acoustic excellence. The refined finish, whether in Satin Walnut or Black Ash real wood veneer, complements its acoustic integrity with visual elegance.


The front baffle is the launch point for your speaker driver. It needs to be strong and free of sound reflection. The SoucePoint 888 uses a sculpted baffle with multiple facets to eliminate diffraction. All you hear is the smooth and even response of the driver, not the sound of the cabinet.


It’s quick and easy to make your SourcePoint speakers more discrete for casual listening. The fabric-wrapped grills attach magnetically and are perfectly form-fitting to retain the profile of the distinguished multi-faceted baffle. For the highest performance, we recommend removing the grills while listening.


You can choose the warmth and richness of Satin Walnut, the stealthy professional look of Satin Black Ash, or the all-new sleek Satin White Ash - exclusive SourcePoint 888. SourcePoint 888 uses furniture-grade real wood veneer that is book matched for mirror-imaged grain patterns on both of your speakers. The SourcePoints offers a unique combination of modern and classic style which suits a wide variety of interiors.



Frequency Range:

Nominal Impedance:
6 Ohms, 4.5 Ohms minimum


Crossover Frequency:
130, 1.6kHz

Max Power Input:

1.25" wide roll soft dome

8” Paper Cone

2 x 8" Paper Cone

System Configuration:
3-way vented box, concentric driver

Cabinet Finish:
Satin black painted baffle / satin real wood Walnut or Black Ash veneer

Dimensions (H x W x D):

Without Grill:
1070 x 320 x 410mm
42.13” x 12.6” x 16.14”

With Grill:
1070 x 320 x 425mm
42.13” x 12.6” x 16.73”

96.2 lbs / 43 kg


• 3-way vented box system with a concentric driver configuration for superior sound dispersion.

• Equipped with a 1.25" wide roll soft dome tweeter and dual 8" paper cone woofers for detailed highs and powerful bass.

• Available in elegant Satin Walnut or Black Ash real wood veneer finishes.

• High-quality crossover design for seamless frequency integration.

• Sturdy construction and sophisticated design to complement any interior.